About GIC 2024

Everyday Implementation is chosen as the theme for 2024 to emphasize the day-to-day relevance and impact of implementation science. This theme underscores the importance of making the principles and practices of this field accessible, practical, and beneficial in routine settings. It recognizes that for real change to happen, it must occur not just in conference halls and academic papers but in the very fabric of daily life. By focusing on “Everyday Implementation,” GIS anticipates:

  • Increased Practical Engagement: Encouraging practitioners, policymakers, and the public to integrate implementation science into daily decisions and actions.
  • Broader Understanding and Application: Demystifying the field and showcasing its relevance across various contexts and communities.
  • Strengthened Commitment to Change: Inspiring individuals and organizations to commit to continual learning and improvement in implementing effective practices.

Through these objectives and the unifying theme of “Everyday Implementation,” GIS sets the stage for a year of meaningful engagement, significant growth, and impactful change in the field of implementation science.


GIS has partnered with the Nigeria Implementation Science Alliance (NISA) to plan and host this year’s Conference. NISA’s knowledge of the local context, logistics, and networks is invaluable. This collaboration aims to ensure the success of the upcoming conference by tapping into NISA’s deep understanding of the region – both in a logistic sense and a subject expertise sense. A key aspect of this partnership is to ensure cultural relevance. The conference will greatly benefit from insights into local challenges, solutions, and opportunities that NISA can provide. This cultural insight will help tailor the conference content and approach to resonate with the local audience, making it more engaging and impactful.

Accessibility is a core tenet of GIS’s mission vision and values. As such, the planning team has ensured that the chosen venue is accessible, appropriate, and comfortable for all participants, contributing to a positive conference experience. Furthermore, visa assistance is another vital logistical consideration. International attendees are expected to make up a large part of the audience, and will need to engage in Visa processes. To ease this process, the partnership between GIS and NISA includes providing information and support to international participants, ensuring they can easily obtain the necessary visas and travel to the event hassle-free. This logistical support will help make the conference more inclusive and globally accessible.


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