WEBINAR: Navigating Change: Adaptive Leadership

Adaptive Leadership Webinar 6-10-2020

Successful implementations are built on effective leadership. Technical Leadership, based on a well-established path forward, and in reliance on knowledge and expertise, is required to competently manage an implementation to completion. When the future is unknown, there is no precedent to inform a path forward. Adaptive Leadership is needed to forge new pathways and support stakeholders. This webinar provides insight into the mindset, skills, and vision of an Adaptive Leader. It helps leverage unique talents, values, and concerns of teams, helping provide an accurate diagnosis of Adaptive Challenges and their solutions.

Moderator: Marlys Merrill, Implementation Specialist, Evidence-Based Practices Implementation for Capacity (EPIC) Resource Center


Dr. Amy McCart, Phd, Co-Director for the Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Education Center
Marc Ross Manahil, Consultant and educator specializing in collaboration and adaptive leadership development
Dr. Khush Cooper, CEO and President of Khush Cooper Associates/ImplematixCenter