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Ermel Johnson

Dr Ermel Johnson is the Research Capacity building Manager at EVIHDAF. He is a dedicated and experienced public health physician with expertise in Health Policy & Systems Research. With a strong background in health policy and system analysis, implementation research, and knowledge translation, he has made significant contributions to the field of public health in West Africa. He possesses extensive experience in strategic document development, costing of health interventions, and engaging various stakeholders to meet their needs and interests. Hehas successfully navigated political sensitivity and uncertainty, demonstrating strong leadership skills and the ability to create consensus on common goals. Throughout Dr Ermel Johnson’s career, he has demonstrated a commitment to evidence utilization in policy document development and capacity building of actors along the strategic document development process. He has provided technical support to national actors in politically unstable environments, ensuring that health policies are grounded in evidence and effectively implemented. In his previous roles with the West African Health Organisation (WAHO/ECOWAS), he served as a Knowledge Translation Specialist, Research Assistant, and Research Project Manager, initiating and supervising case study research and organizing symposiums and webinars for research finding dissemination. He successfully established the Maternal and Child Health Research Network and the Infectious Disease Research Network, bringing together a substantial number of researchers to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing. He played a vital role in mapping researchers in maternal and child health in West Africa and mobilizing these researchers to establish the network. He also provided support in establishing the West African Network of National Research Ethics Committees for Health and contributed to the development of the West African Network for Health Documentation and Information. He demonstrated exceptional project management skills. He was responsible for implementation, capacity building, research priorities, financing, and partnership aspects of the project. He successfully designed and conducted regional research projects and developed a regional evidence-informed policymaking guidance. He also played a pivotal role in advocating for evidence utilization in decision-making and establishing strong collaborations between researchers and decision-makers. In addition to Dr Ermel Johnson’s extensive research experience, he has also gained valuable skills in leadership, coaching, team motivation through voluntary work as a Certified Site Coordinator for a global health research trainings program of the University of Washington, Seattle, USA in Burkina Faso and Bénin. He successfully guided trainees through the program, resulting in a high completion rate and networking among participants. He has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to improving health outcomes in West Africa through evidence-based policy development and implementation. He has authored numerous scientific articles, participated in regional and international conferences, and developed knowledge transfer tools. With his strong research background, extensive experience in strategic policy development, and ability to effectively engage stakeholders, he is well-positioned to contribute to health policy and systems research and drive positive change in the field of public health in West Africa.

In summary, Dr Ermel  Johnson is a highly skilled health policy and systems researcher with a proven track record of successful strategic document development, evidence utilization, and stakeholder engagement. He is passionate about improving health outcomes in West Africa and possesses the knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills to make a significant impact in the field of public health.