Writing with Global Implementation Research & Applications – a Collaborative Process

What have you learned throughout your experience implementing evidence-based practices and programs? What “aha” moments come to bear on your work time and time again? Global Implementation Research & Applications (GIRA) wants to know about the insights you’ve gained throughout your professional experience, and more importantly, we want to help you share these insights with your fellow implementation professionals and researchers.

GIRA’s Editorial Board knows that the journey from groundbreaking research to a polished manuscript can be challenging, so we are developing author support services to guide you every step of the way,  whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting out. 

New to Publishing? No Problem!

Clear Submission Guidelines: On Springer, GIRA’s publishing partner website, you can find detailed instructions on manuscript format, content requirements, and the submission process.

Language Support: English is not your first language? We recognize the importance of clear communication. Consider our editing services to ensure your research shines through. 

Previously Published Authors? Welcome Back!

  • Targeted Feedback: Our experienced editorial team will provide constructive feedback on your manuscript, helping you refine your arguments and strengthen your research for publication.
  • Publishing Expertise: Benefit from our team’s knowledge of the field and the latest publishing trends. We’ll help you navigate the publication process with confidence.

We are committed to providing exceptional support to all our authors. Whether you take advantage of GIRA’s author support services or not, we look forward to welcoming you to our ongoing conversation on implementing evidence-based practices that make a real-world difference.

Together, let’s bridge the gap between research and real-world impact!

Interested in receiving Author Support? Now accepting requests for support!

Click the button below to tell us more about your manuscript idea and let us know what sorts of author support would be most helpful for you as you develop your manuscript!

PLEASE NOTE: This program is currently in its early development stages. As such, please do not feel limited in terms of the sorts of support you require. GIRA is committed to ensuring that this collaborative process is valuable both for authors and for GIRA’s readership. 

Demystifying the Article Submission Process with GIRA Editorial Board

Learn more about the GIRA publishing process in our webinar from 2023!