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The GIC is pleased to share video highlights from GIC 2011. The interviews include reflections on the 2011 GIC by implementation researchers and practitioners, as well as tips and advice on topics such as scaling-up strategies, program sustainability, and the costs of implementation.

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2011 GIC: Takeaways and Hopes

Richard Edwards reflects on the value of networking with people in diverse roles and fields at the 2011 GIC.

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A Different Way of Thinking about Research

John A. Øvretveit considers how the medical field could benefit from drawing from other fields in exploring a range of different research and evaluation methods.

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A Non-Traditional Career Path in Implementation Science

Brian Mittman reflects on his path from working in the labor, population and demography area at RAND to his current role at the VA Center for Implementation Practice and Research Support.

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Advice for Budding Implementation Researchers

Abe Wandersman reflects on the qualities and skills required for success in the field of implementation.

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Career Advice: Mentors and Learning from other Fields

Richard Puddy attributes his career success in part to effective mentors and exploring beyond the "usual suspects."

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Empowerment Evaluation Can Guide Program Implementation

Abe Wandersman discusses how empowerment evaluation can help you plan more systematically, implement with quality, evaluate a program, and use evaluation results to guide improvement efforts.

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ExpandNet's Role in Facilitating Scaling Up

Peter Fajans explains how ExpandNet works with ministries of health and other entities to facilitate taking a pilot project to scale.

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Insights from the 2011 GIC

At the 2011 GIC, Brian Mittman learned that many different sectors share similar challenges when it comes to implementation.

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Key Takeaways from the 2011 GIC

Anna Long appreciates how the unique format of the 2011 GIC enabled her to collaborate with participants from various fields and validated her inclination to "think big."

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Learning from Others' Experiences

Richard Edwards notes that the 2011 GIC offered an opportunity to learn about other people's successes and challenges with different implementation approaches.

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