Implementation & COVID-19

The Covid-19 outbreak has highlighted the significance and value of implementation knowledge and implementation capacity. To assist you during this difficult time, GIS has gathered some potential resources we hope you will find helpful. If you know of additional resources, please share with Janey McMillen to add to the resources for members.

  • The Center for Implementation Science resource page. LINK
  • The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs’ Health Services Research & Development webinar on Virtual Facilitation LINK
  • The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s mini-course on adaptive leadership LINK
  • University of Massachusetts’ managing virtual teams blog. LINK
  • Deloitte Denmark’s guide on virtual facilitation. LINK
  • The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s virtual learning hour special series. LINK
  • The Global Health Network’s Covid-19 Research Implementation Hub LINK
  • The Center for Implementation’s website LINK
  • The African Population and Health Research Center’s website LINK
  • The Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute’s Covid-19 resource page.LINK
  • The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action’s scientific resource page. LINK
  • Evidenceaid’s coronavirus resource page. LINK
  • RTI International’s Emerging Issues website. LINK
  • From the Active Implementation Research Network  LINK
  • Hirschhorn, L., Smith, J. D., Frisch, M. F., & Binagwaho, A. (2020). Integrating implementation science into into covid-19 response and recovery. BMJ 369:m1888 doi: 10.1136/BMJ.M1888.