April 8 – Why is Equity Critical? Equity in Different Environments (Equity Series #1)

Join the Global Implementation Society for a mini-series of interactive workshops about incorporating equity in implementation science. Hear from implementation science researchers and practitioners with first-hand experience incorporating equity in implementation planning across a variety of different environments, and bring your own perspectives and challenges to the table—we'll be collaborating on how the global Implementation Science community can help address the attitude-to-behavior gap in addressing equity in our systems and organizations.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to define equity in a given context.
  • Identify factors that impact equity in a given context.
  • Describe activities to be implemented which advance equity within the context of an organization, initiative, or community.


  • April 8, 2022 @ 3PM - 4:30PM EDT (UTC-4)
    • Introduction & Presentation: Equity in Implementation Science - 10min
    • Presentation: Equity in Schools - 10min
    • Presentation: Equity in Healthcare - 10min
    • Presenter Panel Q&A - 10min
    • Introducing Group Activity - 5min
    • Breakout Groups - 10min
    • Group Discussion - 15min
    • Breakout Groups - 10min
    • Group Discussion & Wrap-Up - 10min

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