GIS: News, Resources & Opportunities (Quarterly #5)

Member Spotlight: Sergio Chacón on Implementation Science’s Impact & Potential

Updated Competencies for Implementation Facilitators (Second Edition) – ¡También en Español!

We must recognize John Øvretveit and Paul Tortoloni for their leadership on the GIS Standards & Competencies committee and their hard work in driving the development and improvement of this resource. We also have to recognize the outstanding work of Sergio Chacón Armijo, Daniel A. Díaz Vera, & Rodrigo Rojas-Andrade for their hard work in translating this document to Spanish!

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GIS Now Offers Institutional Membership!

The Global Implementation Society's new institutional membership category delivers extraordinary value for organizations. Our introductory Institutional Membership rates are highly affordable and include 10 individual memberships with FULL membership benefits for the organization's team members and faculty at a significant discount from our individual membership rates, in addition to recognition as an institutional member!

We hope this category makes it a no-brainer decision for organizations to extend membership to more of their faculty and expand the reach of our global society!

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Submit a Proposal for a GIS Learning Event!

The GIS Professional Learning & Resources (PLR) committee invites all GIS members to propose topics, speakers and formats for future learning events! We've developed a handy rubric to guide submission of proposals for innovative and engaging learning events for GIS members. But we need YOUR ideas and input to make them happen!

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GIRA Invites Manuscript Submissions

Global Implementation Research and Applications (GIRA) invites manuscript submissions from diverse disciplines, regions, sectors, and settings. Can lessons from implementing social policy or community development projects inform program implementation in behavioral or public health? How about in educational or justice reform? We think so!

GIRA invites YOU to submit an article for consideration!

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GIS President's Message

President's Message: A 'Mycorrhizal' Network

Inspired by GIS’s implementation work, Zach McElgunn, professional education director, has been invited to share his thoughts about the lessons we learn from the diversity and ingenuity of this planet’s life.  I hope you our nourished by this contribution from our colleague, and perhaps, you will find a seed of insight that will connect and grow to support your implementation efforts. – Melissa

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Evidence-Based Policymaking: What Human Service Agencies Can Learn from Implementation Science and Integrated Data Systems

Evidence-Based Policymaking: What Human Service Agencies Can Learn from ImpSci and Integrated Data Systems

Sharon Zanti & M. Lori Thomas

An Implementation Science (IS) lens can help agencies address the role of context when implementing evidence-based practices, complement other quality and process improvement efforts, simultaneously study implementation and effectiveness outcomes, and guide de-implementation of ineffective policies. The Integrated Data Systems (IDS) approach offers governance frameworks to support ethical and legal data use, provides high-quality administrative data for in-house analyses, and allows for more time-sensitive analyses of pressing agency needs. Ultimately, IS and IDS can support human service agencies in more efficiently using government resources to deliver the best available programs and policies to the communities they serve.

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